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supervised DIY paint spraying

Fed up with being let down by Bodyshops, Repairers or Insurance Companies.

Then why not Do-It-Yourself!

From a household lamp or cupboard door… to a full car respray, we provide the professional equipment and training to help you create your own Work of Art!


All the tricks of the trade - FREE!

Professional Spray Booth

“At Ufixit you will have the opportunity to hire and use an Omia Glaxia 280 Low Bake Spray Booth.Totally environmentally safe process for spray painting ANYTHING!”​

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How it works

How it works

Step 1

THE KEY TO PAINT SPRAYING IS PREPARATION, the better the surface you are spraying, the better the final finish.


Please bear this in mind before you start your project and ensure your item/items have been fully prepared correctly, we are not liable for any problems, once the project is completed, due to incorrect or sub-standard preparation.


If you need to, you can hire a preparation work bay at our premises, with dust extraction, gloves and dust mask for just £15 per hour.

This will need to be booked separately once you have made your Spray Booth appointment. Please call us on the number below and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

01905 726373

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