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supervised DIY paint spraying

Terms & Conditions

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  1. Identity must be proved on arrival, any discrepancies, MANAGEMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY. Driver's License and utility bill.

  2. Only one person and one object, project or car at any one time. Friends, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, pets, will be asked to leave the premises. Any refusals see rule 1

  3. The companies Health and safety conditions must be adhered to at all times. A copy of this can be requested on arrival.

  4. Person Protect Equipment must be purchased from Ufixit prior to your booked appointment. 

  5. The hire of an airfed mask and spray gun are included in the £45 PPE kit.

  6. PPE consists of Small, Medium, large or Extra Large Spray Overalls,S,M,L,XL latex gloves. Air fed mask, throwaway tear off for mask, Spray gun and  one clean.

  7. You MUST purchase the PPE kit to be able to book a time slot.

  8.  You can use your own equipment and supply your own PPE kit, prior to your appointment, which will be checked on arrival and you will be refunded your £45.

  9.  Latex rubber gloves are supplied with the PPE kit, you can use up to ten pairs at one time. 

  10. Gloves must be worn at all times, if you suffer a latex allergy, vynly gloves will be supplied. Any other  medical conditions please let us know before your appointment. 

  11. Two pack products have isocyanate in the activators, which are highly dangerous and can cause breathing difficulties. Ufixit’s Health and safety policy must be adhered at all times. If you have any health issues can you inform us first.

  12. Our methods and premises are not suitable for disabled people, any queries, please get in touch.

  13. Spray painting is very physical and arduous, if you have any medical conditions that might cause a problem can you please ring and tell us the details.

  14. Any medical conditions that are not declared may result in you being turned away.

  15. Any breach of health and safety rules, you and your job will be removed from the premises and must paid in full.

  16. All services, paint and materials must be paid in full at the end of each session.

  17. Cash and online payments only.

  18. There is a minimum charge of £30 unsupervised and £45 for supervision for the first hour.

  19. The oven ambient spraying temperature is between 28 and 35 degrees Celsius, in cold conditions it might be hotter and cold metals or plastics will need to be warmed to temperature.

  20. The oven removes the fumes/spray paint between 28 seconds and 3 minutes.  PPE must be worn at this stage.

  21. Airfed mask must be removed outside of the oven, paper overalls can be worn at all times, optional.

  22. The oven bakes at 60 degrees Celsius and no entry to the oven Is allowed during this procedure.

  23. Baking is an additional £1 per minute.

  24. For example a side of a car could take 2 hours to mask up, pre clean and spray paint. £60. Plus this would need a 40 minute bake at £1 per minute so £40. A total of £100.

  25. Different paints, activators and materials have different drying times.

  26. When the oven has stopped it’s bake cycle, items can be removed.

  27. Depending on paint and activators, after cool down cars can be driven away.

  28. Dirty cars and items must be washed or clean prior to entering the oven.

  29. Highly polished vehicles (silicon products) could be refused entry to the premises.

  30. Waxed / polished / detailed vehicles must be hot-washed with cleaners, at a cost of £7 per vehicle. This is compulsory. See rule 1.

  31. After the first half to the full hour, a bake is included in the £30 or £45 price.

  32. You can supply your own paint and materials but they must comply to 2019 safety standards, there will be no exceptions. Please call to clarify.

  33. Vehicles and Items must be dry before removing from the oven.

  34. No responsibility is taken by us for accidental damage, paint reactions or poor results. We’ll try our best to make your experience as enjoyable as possible but paint spraying and drying is not an exact science.

  35. Please be Cool, Calm and Collected, this is fun and we want your experience to be fun. No exceptions for verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated. See rule 1.

  36. Paint and materials can be purchased prior to your appointment from our online shop.

  37. Colour matching is a very difficult process, so if it’s a vehicle you need to colour match this needs to be done prior to your appointment. Metallic and pearl colours will be matched to the closest blend-able colour. For colour matching the paint must be bought from us. 

  38. No responsibility can be taken by us for poor colour matches or wrong colours.

  39. Paint, primers and lacquers are in minimum 1/2 Litre amounts.

  40. Items can be removed, stripped, disassembled and reassembled by us, this is at a cost of £35 per hour.

  41. No loaning of any tools or equipment without prior consultation and a cost will be agreed prior to the repair.

  42. NO CASH, NO CAR!  All accounts must be settled / paid.

  43. All accounts MUST be settled before leaving our premises.

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