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Recent Projects

Reliant Scimitar


We had a great time painting a father and sons joint project- a reliant scimitar. The fibre glass body is 40 years old and needed a lot of work.

Sill repair

We helped Lewis repair and save a peugeot 107 with a corroded sill, a MOT failure. The sill came from Poland and was only £40. This little car has now got at least 3 or 4 years motoring thanks to Lewis and Ufixit!!

Flaking roof

Warren's Toyota iQ here had a paint adhesion problem from factory. A two stage pearl white and lacquer. 

We jet washed all the paint off the roof down to the primer.

To be continued...

Kawaskai Motor bike

Several panels on the motorbike needed plastic welding and fresh paint. Three separate colours were used to make it look like new,  Kawasaki lime green, 24b blue, and alpine pearl white. It was then finished off with lacquered over decals.

Chair- not just cars